Kia Ora!  You're almost in New Zealand, the youngest country on earth!  All you need to do now is let us handle your immigration needs

Going to New Zealand to work, study, holiday -- or stay?  Our main intention is to give you assistance in getting the right kind of visa you need.  Our Immigration Adviser is registered with the Immigration Advisers Authority of New Zealand, hence you know you will receive the right kind of instruction and guidance.  We boast of a 99% application approval, and offer a personalized service of excellence.  If you sound like the kind of person who would benefit from us, please fill up the Preliminary Assessment Form and get a free initial review of your options.  Filipino clients are also especially welcome!.
Your plans or options might be any of the following: 
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NZ national flower  "kowhai"
NZ national bird "kiwi"
NZ inanimate object "Southern Cross"
NZ national plant "silver fern" or kaponga
pohutukawa tree

  What Our Clients Are Saying...

     "Thank you so much for all your help Grace!"  
       -  LéRae Buhay, KY, USA

    "Your professional and personal assistance to my visa needs are truly appreciated."  
      -  Joseph Clark, Auckland,NZ

    "Ms. Uy! I was having a difficult time trying to figure out the whole visa process thingy and then
     I just made the smart move of calling you.  Thank you again!" 
      -  Mr. R. Cortez, Philippines

    "Thanks to your quick and professional handling of my visa papers, my trip went pretty smooth."  
      -  Luis Antonio, Philippines


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“The New Zealand Immigration Advisers Licensing Act aims to provide greater protection for migrants. Anyone providing immigration advice about New Zealand must be licensed unless they are exempt."
"Immigration New Zealand refuses to accept applications or requests on behalf of clients from unlicensed immigration advisers, unless they are exempt.”  
  - Immigration Advisers Authority, NZ

Get help with Nursing, Med Tech, Architect, and other occupational registration in NZ
Join that special friend/partner/spouse
Get your children to join you in NZ
Get your parents or grandparents to join you in 
New Zealand
See the sights or catch up with friends and family as
 a tourist, on a Visitor's Visa
Enroll as an international student, on a Student Visa
Need help to get an AEWV (Accredited Employer Work Visa)? You've found us! 
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Study in a fascinating environment, on a Student Visa
That elusive Residence Visa may just be around the corner, be it skilled-based or partnership-based, we do that for you! Just email us at [email protected]
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