"My family and I have found the professional expertise of Dr. Grace Uy and her company Asian And Philippine Immigration Assistance (NZ) Ltd to be extremely knowledgeable about New Zealand immigration law and procedure as it applies to families, individuals and skilled migrants. Dr. Grace does a regular follow-up with NZ immigration and has fast-tracked our application. We became permanent residents in 5 months' time. I was so impressed by the way she handles replies to the immigration office and doesn't get rattled.

Dr. Grace, thank you very much for making our dream come true. I will do recommend your services to people in need of immigration consultation."
-- Cromwel Rey Merto, Auckland, New Zealand
"Hi! I arrived here in NEW ZEALAND as a tourist way back Oct 2008, and luckily I got a job offer that is relevant to my qualification. I had no idea how to process my documents to obtain a work permit but I met someone who recommended GRACE UY, an expert and experienced licensed immigration consultant. She was the one who helped me to make things happen, and helped with my wife's work permit, and even helped to get my children to come here to NEW ZEALAND. She is able to do everything perfectly without any hassle or delay with response time from the New Zealand immigration office, both in New Zealand and in the Philippines. A BIG THANKS to GRACE UY - - because of her expertise and excellent IMMIGRATION ADVICE, in just a very short time my FAMILY IS REUNITED AGAIN. Thanks to you GRACE, KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT JOB."  
-- Enrico A.Crisologo, Philippines
"excellent service! :) hassle free communication. very organized  :)"
-- Aerobella Villaflores, Wellington City, Auckland
"Grace Uy was my Immigration Adviser in New Zealand. She is the one who settled my application for working permit and residence permit. I am glad that she became my Immigration Adviser because she is the best.  She helped in every way for me to live with my husband in New Zealand.  She put every thing together for my immigration needs. She started the process before I left the Philippines.  All I had to do was wait for the reply from immigration. It was stress-free.  Grace is an angel. You are in good hands with her - friendly to work with and a great help for everyone. I now have permanent residence -  thanks to Grace!"
-- Roselle Dolera, Auckland, New Zealand
"For me, AAP stands for 
immigration assistance... this is the service that any customer will receive under this office.  I am grateful for their service."     
-- Annalyn Hermosura-Ulunga, Papatoetoe, Auckland, New Zealand.


"The service was excellent. I was very well taken care of. I got the approval from immigration so early compared to what i was hoping for.  Ms. Grace really has the talent to defend her clients from all the immigration people's questions. My investment was really worth it."
​-- Alarice Guaves, Manurewa, Auckland, NZ
"Grace was really instrumental in the approval of our Resident Visa. Her knowledge, experience, guidance and encouragement helped us a lot. We did not make any mistake in hiring Grace as our consultant. We wish you similar success in the future."  
-- Victorino Montecillo Jr., Auckland, New Zealand
"Despite the trials I underwent during the visa approval period, it was a pleasurable experience to be a client for Asian and Philippine Immigration Assistance.  In my previous extension for work visa application, I was given only a one-month visitor visa even though I had worked here in New Zealand for over two years now. With the help of Grace Uy, our Immigration Adviser, I am now back to work on an extended Work Visa, and I am soon to gain approval of my Residence Visa. I cannot say how much relief and gratification I feel right now.  Thank you very much!"
-- Renante Adlawan, Manurewa, Manukau, New Zealand

"Hey Guys! i'm so glad to have Dr. Grace by my side whenever I have questions about Immigration. Very professional and very thorough when she prepares your application. All the best that you can expect from a licensed adviser combined with friendly attitude, she can support you all the way."
-- Jonathan Sayo
"Struggling for my visa status here in NZ, Ate Grace has been the best adviser and supporter in facilitating my Work Visa based on partnership. At last, I can be a Kiwi in the future!"
 -- Fresel Honey Ordeniza, Auckland, NZ
"My application for my Visitor's Visa to visit New Zealand for 6 months was recently approved by the Immigration New Zealand, Manila Branch. It was through the guidance, effort & help of Ms. Grace Zita Uy, Immigration Adviser of Asian and Philippine Immigration Assistance (NZ) Ltd stationed at 2/9 Phoenix Pl, Papatoetoe, Auckland, New Zealand, that facilitated the early approval of my Visitor's Visa. Looking forward to avail her services again in the future."
-- Grace Mendigo, Leyte, Philippines
"One day I dreamt of coming to New Zealand and experience what my aunt had been telling me about the country then one day it happened! All thanks to one woman who had been consistent and patient enough to help me with my application. Now I'm living a life of what was once just a story I heard from my aunt.
Thank you Dra. Grace Zita Uy for helping me make one of my dreams come true! This might be a good start to make the rest of my dreams come true.. All thanks to you! :)"
-- Edlin Joy Peler, Iloilo City, Philippines
"Thanks to God and to my friendly Licensed Immigration Adviser Dra. Grace Zita Uy for the big help and guidance in making one of my dreams come true. My application for my Visitors Visa to stay in Auckland, New Zealand for 6 months was approved within 5 days processing at NEW ZEALAND IMMIGRATION Manila Branch. Once again thank you very much Dra. Grace Zita Uy, for the very fast approval of my application. You’re such an excellent and good Immigration Adviser! More Blessings and Good Health to you."
-- Irish Delposo
"Ms. Grace has helped me on a difficult situation with my visa. She has expertise in immigration issues. She has gone through every detail with me patiently throughout the process and made sure that the outcome is positive. The service is excellent! My work visa would not have been approved without her. I am most grateful for her assistance. Thank you Grace!"
-- Christine Silda
"To anyone seeking immigration advise, I can only recommend Asian and Philippine Immigration Assistance (NZ) Ltd. With only 14 days left to work out my visa problems, I am grateful not only to have availed of the impressive immigration services of Dr. Grace Uy but I am also deeply thankful for her encouragement, support and optimism in handling my application. My sincerest appreciation and gratitude to a very professional, knowledgeable and reliable immigration consultant. Ma’am Grace, you are an angel and a big help to those in need of expert immigration advise. Thank you!"
– Maryfhel S. Adane, Auckland NZ
Immigration requirements to get a visa. We followed her expert advice and finally I got my visa and it was so surprising because I did not even get interviewed, and I got one for longer than I applied for -- beyond my expectation. I'm so thankful to Ms. Grace Uy -- she did an excellent and thorough job. All future immigration visa applications we will certainly entrust to Ms. Grace. Many thanks to you Ms. Grace."
-- Chona S. Mangasep, Katikati, NZ
"My unplanned journey to New Zealand was the greatest achievement I have had in my life. Since I was a child I never imagined that I would end up in this much spectacular island in the Southeastern Pacific Ocean – New Zealand. Immigration Consultant and Specialist Grace Zita Uy introduced me to this once in a lifetime opportunity. She thoroughly guided me from start to finish. My utmost thanks for making it possible."
-- Sean Baradas, Auckland, NZ
"Last year, Kevin and I tried to get my Visa but it was declined so Kevin searched the Internet and came across Asian and Philippine Immigration 
Assistance NZ Ltd. Then Kevin phoned Ms. Grace Uy and she gave us very accurate and helpful advice and very detailed information about the NZ 
"It was such a great experience for me to apply for my visa, because Ms. Grace Uy assisted me in a very helpful manner. I am so thankful for the guidance and services that she has offered. Her services are really extraordinary."
-- Leh Aleligay, Quezon City, Philippines
"Thanks for all your help Grace Zita Uy, we couldn't have done it without you! It was a success due to your great help.."
-- Jenifer Delgado Patani, Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines 
"I couldn't express my feelings when I received the email that my visa was approved. Of course, I thank GOD first and then Grace for her big HELP. Though she asked for too many documents from me and some were even difficult to retrieve, but I diligently followed her instructions and it came out positive! The first time I applied it was frustrating because my visa was denied. THANK YOU so much Grace for being such a professional immigration adviser. Keep Up The Good Work!"
-- Gina Galeos Quimbo, Cebu City, Philippines
I came to New Zealand in Dec 2008, and every time I lodge my visa applications to Immigration New Zealand, I always received problems -- so I decided to change my immigration consultant. We selected Asian and Philippine Immigration Assistance Ltd (APIA) and it turns out Grace Zita Uy is a true professional consultant, has critical eye for detail, engages a multi-strategic plan, and with her outstanding ability to work hard provides the recipe for success.
APIA demonstrates a personal approach and is passionate about assisting clients where they want to go. Grace Zita Uy provided me with the confidence I needed to continue forward.
I highly recommend their services without hesitation. All we can say is Thank You for assisting us in getting where we are today.
- Gabisan family, Auckland, New Zealand
I am so blessed to have for my immigration adviser Dr. Grace Zita Uy, because my Silver Fern Work Visa to New Zealand was a success! Thank you for your sincere support and superb advise Asian and Philippine Immigration Assistance Ltd.!
-- Beatriz Grace Ybanez
"Asian and Philippine Immigration Assistance (NZ) Ltd was recommended to me by a very close friend because Ms. Grace Zita Uy was her classmate in her college days. One thing that my friend emphasized was that Ms. Grace is a person of utmost integrity. In her own words "Ms. Grace is a person you can trust your life with". We found this was true. We entrusted everything to her - she explained every step of the way. Every need related to processing was attended to promptly. Thank you very much Ms. Grace Zita Uy for all your professional help -- you are a highly recommended Immigration Adviser. You made my dream become a reality. I am soon off to seek a better tomorrow for my family on an SM JobSearch Visa."
​-- Aurelio S. Lopez, Dumaguete City, 
   Negros Oriental, Philippines
"The service was smooth, detailed and hassle-free. Thank you to a very supportive, accommodating, gentle and smiling Adviser. Now I have this great opportunity to work in New Zealand and chase my dreams!"
​-- Milka Racaza, Philippines

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NZ national bird "kiwi"
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"Ms. Grace Uy (her company - Asian and Philippine Immigration Assistance Ltd.) is very professional and motherly at the same time. With her professionalism, organizational skills, and detail-oriented expertise, I was able to acquire my Working Holiday Visa. She is very easy to talk to and she always thinks of her clients first. I will continue asking for her service for my future NZ Visa applications and will highly recommend her and her company to those who want to migrate to New Zealand."
- Alexis Guaves, Philippines
"Thank you so much to Ms Grace Zita Uy, our immigration adviser, for helping us. She helped us process our application and answered numerous questions with so much patience and professionalism. She never got tired of answering my concerns about our application. Our family will be forever thankful. God Bless and More Power."
- Revistual Family, 
  Christchurch, New Zealand
"To my very patient immigrant adviser, thank you so much for the great help. You made my processing as easy as 123 and arrived here in New Zealand without any hassle. More power to you and to your company..."
- Queenly Belandres, Auckland, New Zealand
"Grace is very helpful. She answered all our queries and is very professional with her work. The visa granted was more than I expected, and I'm very grateful for her services. We couldn't have done it without her. Overall, I am very satisfied with the service, and we look forward to working with her again in the future."
- Julie and Sandi, Auckland, New Zealand
"I want to express my sincere gratitude to Ma’am Grace Zita Uy. Her expertise and systematic approach have helped me process my application very smoothly. She is well-organized and pays much attention to detail. I got immigration approval without any single question from Immigration New Zealand. She handled my application in a very professional and friendly way. What I love most about her was her motherly advice. My husband and I are very pleased with her services. We are now happily living together here in New Zealand and continue to cherish life’s precious moments.
Thank you so much, Ma’am Grace. I wish you and your company continued success and I look forward to deal with you again in the future."
- Beth Malagar, Christchurch, New Zealand
"A very big Thank you 
Ate Grace for the excellent service in assisting us with my youngest's Residency Visa.  Your expertise with the NZ immigration process is Superb. 
God bless po,
- Chris, Joyce, CJ and AJ, New Zealand
"Meeting Ma’am Grace Uy of Asian And Philippine Immigration Assistance (NZ) Ltd was simply meant to happen. After a failed and slightly expensive attempt to acquire a Visitor Visa in the Philippines, my Kiwi fiance’ and I were staying in Talisay City, Cebu, at the time we received advice from our landlady who had a link to Grace, an immigration advisor based in Auckland New Zealand.

We made contact, and I received my Visitor’s Visa based on Partnership! We decided to marry before we left for NZ…it was always our dream that we marry in the Philippines. Eventually Ma’am Grace worked my visas till I got my Resident Visa! 

At all times Ma’am Grace displayed utmost professionalism, integrity and solid advice. Her meticulous attention to detail, unending effort in dredging for partnership evidence, cheerful attitude and true friendship was an experience that my husband and I appreciated … we cannot speak more highly of her service and commitment ... we were in fact humbled!  We do have further endeavours to assign to her.
- Carlyoel Moffat, Balclutha, New Zealand
"I’m very grateful that ma’am Grace has been my adviser since my work visa up until now that I received my residency. 

She is orderly with the documents and the “need to-do lists”.
- Olson Paguio, Auckland, New Zealand