Tourist Visa

This type of visa is also known as a Visitor Visa for individuals wanting to enter New Zealand for sightseeing and meeting up with friends and relations. 
Student Visa

"New Zealand is one of the world’s best places to live and study."

This type of visa allows individuals to study a course that lasts longer than three months. It is only valid for that course and the duration for which it was approved. The individual must also obtain an offer of place to study in writing from an educational institution. 

For example, if you want to study English, certain conditions will allow you to work part-time.  

You may be interested in IT courses, which when completed may allow you to indulge in one of NZ's skill shortages. A job offer in this field of occupation may lead to residence status in New Zealand.

If your current interest is in business and management, there are school programs available that allow you to work part-time. 

Health-related programs, like the 2 to 3 month Competence Assessment Program for overseas-registered nurses is a requirement for NZ Nursing registration. Advise and guidance to get a recommendation for this program forms part and parcel of our service to assist in acquiring NZ Nursing registration.

Fill up a Preliminary Assessment Questionnaire (pdf format) if you wish to receive a FREE evaluation of your options, or send us a query.

Work Visa

This type of visa allows individuals with specific job skills to gain work experience in New Zealand. There are different kinds of work visas. Some require a job offer before the visa can be applied for.
Family Category

This category allows for family reunification in New Zealand.

We specialize in assisting individuals whether engaged or not, married or not, to join their partners in New Zealand.

Family members of someone who is already in New Zealand may be eligible to apply for a visa.  

Family members can be any of the following: partners (married or unmarried, opposite or same sex), children, and parents.  
Children can include those resulting from past and present relationships (biological) and/or adopted children, usually those below 18 years of age, but can include those 18 to 24 years of age depending on their situation.

To know if your family member who is interested to live in New Zealand can apply for a visa, please let them fill up the Preliminarry Assessment Questionnaire  
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Business Visa

This type of visa allows individuals to invest in New Zealand. There different categories of business visas.  Applicants under all business immigration categories must agree to participate in an evaluation of the category under which they were approved for a period of up to 5 years after approval.


The Immigration Process

The immigration process to New Zealand can be a complicated process. Although the Immigration New Zealand website is very informative and provides links to many areas that can explain many things, the research process for any one type of application is often very tedious and time consuming.  A prospective applicant can easily loose track of his/her intent when frequently cross-referenced to another webpage or link. There are many instances when phrases or words can be mis-understood, and may lead to confusion.  If a prospective immigrant is not careful, important things can be missed, and it might seem there should have been something else written between the lines.  On top of this, immigration policies, instructions, regulations, and procedure are often amended, renewed, changed, or revised. The rate for failure of "Do-It-Yourself" applications is high ... and you need not go through that frustration and disappointment. Help from an Immigration Adviser can make life easier for you!  

This Is Why We Are Here

We are here to give assistance and guidance in the visa application process, as well as help for special requests, appeals, re-considerations, and other needs.
  Services Offered 
Skilled Migrant Category

If you have an occupation that is recognized as a "skill" by Immigration New Zealand, which is backed by appropriate qualifications (educational background) and/or work experience and wage level, you can apply for a visa in the Skilled Migrant Category. 

A list of occupations is found in the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO), and eligibilitiy for application carries many requirements, such as age, level of qualification, English ability, etc. 

If you wish to have a free initial evaluation of your chance to become a Skilled Migrant, please fill up our Preliminary Assessment Questionnaire (PDF or Word) and email it back to us. 

If your occupation is listed in the Long Term Skill Shortage List, your chances of getting a visa in the Skilled Migrant Category get better. You can view this list here (pdf link).
We assess your situation and your needs, and give you viable visa options leading to your immigration goal. 
We give you your list of requirements and estimates of fees.  
We review and assist with documentation and completion of the application form. 
We guide you in the application process and liaison with Immigration New Zealand for you. 
In other words, we are here to help you every step of the way, to lighten your load, give you peace of mind, and make for a more pleasant immigration experience!

Contact us or
Send a query  or fill in the Preliminary Assessment Questionnaire (pdf format  or Word format)

Working Holiday Visa

This visa allows entry to New Zealand for holiday and at the same time allow for brief periods of work. This is an exciting opportunity for young individuals to spend time in New Zealand, to earn as you go! To know more, drop us a line at the query page.

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